There is no best since they are all basically the same.  All plans of the same letter provide exactly the same benefits, the only difference is price.  (Don’t take my word for this – even Medicare says this).  Medicare designs all Medigap plans so you can be sure of the same benefit regardless of company.

Some people want to check with their doctor to be sure they accept a new company.  This is 100% not necessary.  First, the doctor doesn’t bill the insurance company.  They send a bill only to Medicare.  Medicare then sends it to the company on file (this is called “crossover).  Both Medicare and the Medigap plan will then pay their share.

The second reason the doctor will accept all Medigap plans is because it’s illegal for them to pick one over the other.  Since they all pay the doctor just as quicklly this wouldn’t be an issue and certainly not an issue legally.

The bottom line is you should never worry which company is providing you with a Medicare Supplement.  They are all the same except for cost.  Why pay more than you have to?

If you’re not working with an independent agent you should.  Call us if we can be of help.