As with most questions, there is no “best” plan for everyone. Many large cities have several insurance companies competing for your business.  In fact, many times there is no monthly premium for the plans, zero copay for office visits and even hospitalization.  Even if there are costs they can be limited to as low as $2,000.  And they likely include a prescription drug plan.

So why wouldn’t everyone want to be in a HMO?

Well, the biggest drawback is the limited physican and sometimes hospital network.  As long as you’re healthy this isn’t a big deal aside from the tendency to have delays in making an appointment and the usual need for a referral to be approved.

If you have health issues are you willing to simply default to the network specialist for treatment?  Let’s assume you want treatment at UCLA, Cedars or City of Hope.  That probably won’t happy with an HMO.  Last year UCLA only accepted on plan and the latter two did not accept any HMOs.  This not to say treatment elsewhere won’t be great.  The point is you lose control of your medical care.  You have given it to one medical group.  One.

I’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people find the HMO they prefer.  And usually it boils down to dollars not flexibility of who to see.  HMOs are neither good nor bad.  They just are what they are.

We’re happy to discuss the HMO plans in your area along with other coverages including Medigap.  Let us know how we can help.