No one plan is better.  Medigap (Medicare supplements) have no network.  If you doctor and other providers accept Medicare they are available with any Medigap Plan regardless of the company.

Medicare Advantage is generally an HMO or a PPO.  In most areas where HMO plans are available there is zero monthly premium and the maximum out of pocket for copays and coinsurance may be as low as $2,000 a year.  So if money is the only criteria and HMO is terrific.  The downside are mainly that HMO plans use a limited network of providers.

PPO Plans are available in few areas and will likely have premiums ranging from $50-$200.  Copays and coinsurance continue until the maximum annual out of pocket is paid, usually around $6,000.  These are great plans if you never have a medical catastrophe.  If you do have major issues you could easily spend up to the maximum.

Which is best for you?  That’s a great discussion with an independent agent.  Let us know if we can help.