We all want the lowest priced plan available.  After all, since all Medicare Supplements of the same letter are identical (even Medicare says this), why would anyone pay more than necessary?

While the lowest price sounds great, the more important question is “Is this plan the lowest priced for which I can qualify?”  While this isn’t an issue when you first turn 65 it can be an issue when you apply at an older age.

Recently I was referred to a 74 year old who told me she had no medical conditions.  In fact, we completed the application and submitted the application.  A week or so later she was declined!

She was declined because she had a procedure scheduled between the time the application was taken and the company called to verify medical questions.  This company asks “Within the past 12 months have you been advised by a medical professional to have treatment, further evaluation, diagnostic testing, or any surgery that has not been performed.”  While she answered this question as “no” on the application upon a verification call she did say an eye treatment had been scheduled.

We then applied to another company.  Their question was “Within the past 2 years, have you been advised to have surgery which has not yet been done.”  Because this question was limited to surgery she could indeed answer no.  The policy was issued.

While the monthly cost was about $10 more than the lowest priced company she was able to be approved for coverage.  Without an independent agent who understands the underwriting differences from one company to the next she would not have been able to have a policy issued.

She was in an HMO plan and had lost her doctor.  She also wanted the freedom to see a greater choice of doctors and certainly more hospitals.

Sometimes the lowest price available is not the best choice.  Let me help you find the lowest price you can get!